Dry cured ham
During this phase salt is put on the legs, that are dried softly and at low temperature (1-3°C).
The system is made up of an Air Treatment Unit (ATU) which is made up of: The air distruibution occour through a flow change valve, delivery and taking canalisation, ejector cones or pockets and adjustable taking mouths.
While manufacturing the air circulation system particular care is taken to obtain uniform thermal-hygrometric conditions, in order to have the same processing for the whole product stored.

The plant is controlled and managed by a programmable microprocessor regulating all the various equipment and allowing to store and reproduce perfect drying cycles.
The air distribution can also occour through circular air ducts on the top of the room and a suction grid placed close (or onto) the Air Treatment Unit.
The refrigeration section may use gas direct expansion or indirect expansion (water and glycol).
The various stages of the aging process are controlled by a programmable microprocessor which ensures the implementation of cycles tailored to the characteristics of the product.
Photogallery Salting