Culatello Fiocchetto Coppa
Frigomeccanica offers solutions and systems dimensioned according to  the size and shape of the room, the type of product and the processes adopted by the customer.

Each solution is aimed to achieve uniform  hygrometric conditions and  processing parameters for all of the products.

The system  is based on an air treatment units (cold evaporator + hot evaporator + fan)  ensuring trough ducts the proper and desired air recirculation. Energy savings can be obtained adding an “enthalpy" system that uses external air when weather conditions enables to regenerate the air maintaining the appropriate parameters set by the process controllers .

This system uses one or more dual-flow evaporators, each made up of two cooling sections, two heating sections and a ventilating section.The system is completed by a set of mixing ducts whose function is to ensure uniform air distribution.

Consisting in:
  • A set of ceiling-mounted static evaporators, connected to the refrigerating system;
  • An air treatment unit with a heating section;
  • A ventilation section;
  • An air-flow variation valve;
  • Two air supply ducts positioned on the sides of the room;
  • A set of ceiling-mounted return ducts.

This is used for traditional products requiring long seasoning periods.
It includes a set of ceiling-mounted static evaporators connected to the refrigerating system and a set of vertically-installed heating coils connected to the hot water circuit; alternatively, heat can be distributed by a set of floor-mounted finned tube coils.