Meat & Fish
After slaughtering where your cold chain begins Frigomeccanica takes care of all your kind of meat and fish.

Fresh meat incoming from slaughterhouse has to be correctly cold before starting manufacturing. Ventilated cooling evaporators permit to bring meats’ temperature at right value minimizing shrinkage.
When defrosting food products, the primary concern is changing their characteristics as little as possible, both regarding their constituent substances and their appearance. At the same time, it is important to avoid conditions that favour the growth of bacterial flora. Frigomeccanica’s thawing system uses double effect heat transfer: sensible heat from air to product, and latent heat from air moisture condensation. Heat is transferred very quickly, in a very cost effective way and without altering the frozen product’s texture and organoleptic characteristics.

When compared with other systems (natural defrosting, water steam, water bath or microwave), Frigomeccanica’s proprietary thawing technology proves to be the most effective, the most energy efficient (hot water, electricity and humidification water), the one with the best  yield both in terms of weight loss and product appearance, and the most environmentally friendly, with no need of generating water steam and with a minimum of polluted water to be treated.

Building on its  fifty-years’ worldwide experience, Frigomeccanica has made available to the global market  its air distribution know-how in designing and delivering thawing systems with a 10,000-50,000 kg load capacity, for all kinds of meat (beef, sheep, poultry, pork) in different
shapes (blocks, beef quarters or halves, fresh legs) it  doesn’t mind the  hanging system is used (rails or racks on the ground).
Frigomeccanica’s thawing system has the following advantages:  
The process is automatically managed by monitoring two parameters with just two probes, to measure:   A microprocessor controller working on 9 programs, each with multiple phases, ménages the system . Data collection and program files stored in the controller memory.
The temperature probes, positioned in the room, on the surface and in the center of the product to guarantee the thawing cycle accuracy  enabling , via the microprocessor, the control of every and each parameter balancing according to the process needs the intervention of the heating, moisturizing and air circulation system.
At the end of the thawing cycle the refrigeration system is automatically activated to stabilize and preserve the product. 

In order to create appropriate salting ambient for fish horizontally and or vertically positioned our company proposes specific air conditioning system based on static cold evaporators and hot coils.
The smoking system is based on the following sections:A refrigerating section equipped with direct expansion or glycol water system;
All parts that are in touch with smoke are made in AISI 304 stainless steel.
Product can be processed either horizontally on trolleys trays or vertically hanged to racks.
The system is fully cleanable. The cleaning in place system is designed to remove any dirty. 
  The system is made up of an air processing unit which is made up of: The air distruibution occour through a flow change valve, delivery and taking canalisation, ejector cones or pockets and adjustable taking mouths.
While manufacturing the air circulation system particular care is taken to obtain uniform thermal-hygrometric conditions, in order to have the same processing for the whole product stored.

The plant is controlled and managed by a programmable microprocessor regulating all the various equipment and allowing to store and reproduce perfect drying cycles.

Air/smoke distribution:
The air circulation system is specifically designed to achieve uniform temperature/humidity conditions, to ensure that the stored products receive equal treatment.
  Frigomeccanica takes care of the air conditioning (thermohygrometric and filtration conditions) in the areas where meat and fish are processed, in order to allow their best preservation.
This is possible by stainless steel made Air Treatment Units, provided by cold and hot coils and air filters.
The air diffusion is done by textile or stainless steel ducts, both totally washable.
Thanks to its know-how, Frigomeccanica is in compliance with USA FS standards and ISO regulations (FS209D - ISO14644) regarding air contamination classes, up to ISO5 – 100 CLASS.
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