Clean Rooms & Air Conditioning
Frigomeccanica state-of- the- art clean rooms guarantee safe and extended shelf life of products. 

The clean room is a place where the concentration of airborne particles is kept under control. It is engineered and used to minimize infeed, generation and retention of particle in the room,that may contaminate the product.

This is achieved by filtering the air with filters with different particulate retention capacity, controlling the temperature and relative humidity of the air, managing the room’s level of overpressure in relation to adjacent areas and managing air flows during the different stages of the process.

These measures create the environmental conditions necessary for keeping intact the organoleptic characteristics of packaged foods, thus achieving a longer shelf life.

  1. Slicing and packing meats and cold cuts 
  2. Cutting and packaging cheese 
  3. Preparing and packaging ready meals, sandwiches and fresh foods, freshly made pasta.
  4. Processing and packing salads and perishable vegetables

The purpose of these solutions is to achieve appropriate conditions to guarantee and keep unaltered as long as possible the organoleptic characteristics of packaged foods, thus achieving a longer shelf-life 
The clean rooms can be realized according to various engineering solutions which determine the maximum level of contamination not to be exceeded. American FDA regulations and ISO rules have set several classes, each having the maximum rate of polluting particles in the air clearly defined.The choice of the class to adopt mainly depends on the product being dealt with and its shelf-life; the highest the product moisture, the greatest the filtering requirements will be. Similarly, a stronger filtering can result in extended shelf-life for the packages.
The core and brain of the clean room is the air treatment Unit (ATU), which can be realized to different solutions depending on the class of the project, mainly using fiberglass or stainless steel.  Both solutions feature rounded corners inside, for improved washing capability and sloping floor to facilitate the discharge of condensation and thawing water to the drains.
Photogallery Clean Rooms & Air Conditioning