Dry cured ham
During this phase (that occuor after the hams’ washing) the legs are dried with intensity but  at medium temperature (16-18°C).


The system is made up of an Air Treatment Unit (ATU) which is made up of: The air distruibution occour through a flow change valve, delivery and taking canalisation, ejector cones or pockets and adjustable taking mouths.
While manufacturing the air circulation system particular care is taken to obtain uniform thermal-hygrometric conditions, in order to have the same processing for the whole product stored. The plant is controlled and managed by a programmable microprocessor regulating all the various equipment and allowing to store and reproduce perfect drying cycles.

The air renewal section can be equipped with “enthalpy renewal” which allows o significant reduction of energy costs when the external thermo-hygrometric conditions are favourable.

A programmable microprocessor controller manages the various components of the system to achieve ideal drying cycles by drawing moisture from the centre of the product in the shortest possible time.

Turbo o Biflusso technology can be applied.

The refrigeration section may use gas direct expansion or indirect expansion (water and glycol).
The various stages of the aging process are controlled by a programmable microprocessor which ensures the implementation of cycles tailored to the characteristics of the product.
Photogallery Drying