Dry cured ham
During this phase the legs are dried with less intensity respect the Pre-Curing phase, but still at low temperature (2-4°C; the system is suitable to dry product at a wide range of room temperatures).
The system is made up of an Air Treatment Unit (ATU) which is made up of: The air distruibution occour through a flow change valve, delivery and taking canalisation, ejector cones or pockets and adjustable taking mouths.
While manufacturing the air circulation system particular care is taken to obtain uniform thermal-hygrometric conditions, in order to have the same processing for the whole product stored. The plant is controlled and managed by a programmable microprocessor regulating all the various equipment and allowing to store and reproduce perfect drying cycles.
The instrument can be connected with a pH continuous measurement system allowing to control product acidification and data recording to execute pH trend curves and tables. As a result, the product standard can be repeated independent of the different kinds of meat, environmental conditions and/or variable loads of the room.
Furthermore, it can be connected with the heart probes to measure the product temperature and with the loading rooms allowing to record any change of loss in weight.
Biflusso® is a Frigomeccanica’s patented system that thanks to an innovative air distribution system permit to switch the air flow inside the room from the top to the bottom and conversely and from the right to the left and conversely. Biflusso® permit to reach the best the thermo-hygrometric homogeneity inside the room.
It’s especially useful in rooms in which the product load reach the 5-6 meters high, with a room high of 7-8 meters.
Those facts involve:  
The plant can be manufactured in two versions according to the customer's needs:  
The refrigeration section may use gas direct expansion or indirect expansion (water and glycol).
The various stages of the aging process are controlled by a programmable microprocessor which ensures the implementation of cycles tailored to the characteristics of the product.
Photogallery Curing